Phillies Pub
Dillinger's Bar
1. Sports Complex Subway Station (서울 종합운동장 역). It is stop #218 on the Green Line #2.
2. Once you are there you will need to come out of exit #6 (which is closer to the GS25 and Burger King) or exit #7 (which is a bit more direct to the rink). Once at the top of the stairs of either exit you will see the baseball stadium to your left and the main Olympic Stadium (올림픽 경기장) ( the one with the rings on the front) directly in front of you.
3. Walk directly to the front of the Olympic Stadium. Stop at the bottom of the ramp. Don't go up the ramp here!
4. Look to your right. You will see a sidewalk next to the Olympic Heroes Display. Take this sidewalk until you see a ramp. Go up this ramp. When you reach the top of it you will see the rink we play on.
3 weeks, 2 days ago
Howdy folks,

Fresh off the east coast Seokcho tour, the traveling CBHK Circus is coming town this Fall!

The schedule for the Fall 2016 season looks like this:

August 28th and September 3rd - Rookie Camp/Draft Party(Sep 3)

Regular Season
10 weeks of games!
September 4th -...
on Jun 13th 2016
First summer pick up session starts this week. Please sign up for it in the forum.
on Jan 20th 2016
Listen..... Do you smell that? That's the sound of beer-laced sweat soon floating to a nostril near you. That can only mean one thing, hockey is back for Spring 2016. Before that you'll have the opportunity to twist and shout at the Biannual Town-hall meeting to be held at Beer O'Clock on Saturday, February 6th @ 5pm. We'll discuss 2015 Fall Season feelings, regrets, snubs, captains, sponsor...
on Dec 1st 2015
CBHK League Members

Well thats a wrap! Another excellent CBHK season. Weather really wasn't on our side but we managed to not let that change much. Now it's time to watch the finals and celebrate at the banquet!

And all of that is taking place this Saturday!

Note: Before we announce the finals and banquet we want to remind everyone that the...
Team Pos W L T Pts GF GA Diff
Route 66 Zerg 13 8 1 27 66 54 12
BOC Bandits 13 9 0 26 92 69 23
El Scorcho de Phillies 12 9 1 25 83 67 16
Route 66 Metropolitans 12 9 1 25 96 82 14
Dillinger's Dusters 11 9 2 24 81 75 6
JR's Gentlemen 11 9 2 24 75 79 -4
Phillies' Slashers 11 10 1 23 76 80 -4
BOC Huskies 8 12 2 18 66 73 -7
Dillinger's Dreamboats 8 13 1 17 67 81 -14
JR's Lumberjacks 5 16 1 11 59 101 -42